Across the Field


What happens when the family move to Belgium? What magic will they find there?


New stories about the family who once lived at the end of the lane and the magical adventures that happen in their lives. The family live across the field from a clan of mischievous boggets. One particular bogget called Tumbledown was looking forward tp causing trouble when the family arrives. However, he does not get things his own way.





Playfull and Endearing

Across the field is a lovely little story about a clan of playful boggets living in a forrest.
When a new family moves into a house nearby, one naughty little prankster in particular sets out to cause mischief. But what he didn't count on was a very large cat and the magic of fairies...
My grandchildren and I were just as delighted with this story as we were with Claire Norman's first book, 'At the End of the Lane' and we truly hope there will be another.


Maggie Mykleburst