At the End of the Lane

Do you believe in fairies?

Fairies have always lived at the end of Donovan Lane. One day a house is built on the edge of their kingdom and their adventures start when a family moves in. The curious fairies start to explore, but what will they discover and what trouble will they get into?

Book Review


'In the woods at the end of the lane there is a magical place where fairies, pixies and elves live. Only in the moonlight after everyone is fast asleep do they come out to explore our world. This charming collection of short stories is just as enjoyable for parents, as it is for the kiddies.
Each chapter ends with a question that will give children something
to think about as they slip into their own world of enchanted dreams. And then
go to sleep with a little pixie dust in their eyes.
This is a treasury I promise, you'll cherish forever!'


 Maggie, Myklebust, author 'Fly Away Home'

Book Extract


The fairies had never played much in the dead woods by  the road. They preferred to stay back in the deep woods. It was much more fun  to dart in and out of the closely planted oaks and firs, trying to avoid  bumping into unseen branches. Even so, after flying out to them one evening,
they were very shocked to discover the dead woods gone. Only bare, muddy ground  remained. King Oakleaf tried to reassure his fairy folk that they had nothing  to worry about. He did not know for sure that they were safe, but he had read  of such happenings and heard stories from other Kings. Now he could only hope  that his Kingdom would be safe. Each evening, King Oakleaf sent his messenger  fairy, Maple, out to the road to see what was happening. For many days, Maple returned with no news. In the meantime all the fairies were told to stay well
back in the deep woods and not go exploring out of the cover of the trees.

Early one evening, seven nights after the dead woods had disappeared, Maple returned from his flight very excitedly. There were a lot of large machines and  piles of wood and a great big ditch had been dug. This time, the King himself  flew out to view the activity. He knew then what was happening. A house for  humans was being built. The King flew back and asked Maple to gather the others together. The King told them what he had seen and what he believed would
happen. He told them the stories he had heard from the other Kings and told  them that they could only watch and wait.