The story behind the stories


In 1998, my husband's work took us and our two children, aged 4 and 9 months, to live in Natick, near Boston, Massachusetts. It was a new house and not much had been done to the garden.

It was hoped that one day my god-daugthers, then aged 3 and 4, would visit us there. The stories were a way of making the time there exciting for our children and also to make it an exciting place for my god-daughters to visit. The events in the book, the 'plateau' and 'pocohontas garden' were things we built in the garden. The toys are all owned by my children.

We moved back sooner than planned and the stories were not finished so they just sat in a file on my computer.

We returned to England in 1999 and our 3rd child was born the following year.

In 2011 my daughter was celebrating her 18th birthday and I thought it would be an idea to finally finish and publish the stories for her as a present. This took much longer than anticipated and I missed the 18th birthday deadline.

Having started it seemed only right to finish and they were finally published in 2012.

Since my youngest child is not mentioned in the first stories, a sequel needed to be written around our life in Belgium where we moved to just after he was born.


However, having now lived in six different countries, theer must be at least foue more books about the magical beings that live there.....